Welcome to the Queen Anne's County

Republican Central Committee Website

Congratulations to our Republican Nominees

Governor/Lt. Governor - Dan Cox and Gordana Schifanelli

Attorney General - Michael Peroutka

Comptroller - Barry Glassman

U.S. Senate - Chris Chaffee

Congressional District 1 - Andy Harris

Maryland State Senate - Steve Hershey

Maryland State Delegates - Steve Arentz, Jay Jacobs, Jeff Ghrist

QAC Commissioner At-Large - Jim Moran

QAC Commissioner District 1 - Jack Wilson

QAC Commissioner District 2 - Patrick McLaughlin

QAC Commissioner District 3 - Phil Dumenil

QAC Commissioner District 4 - Chris Corchiarino

State's Attorney - Lance Richardson

Clerk of the Court - Katherine Hagar

Register of Wills - Laura Cook

Judge of the Orphan's Court - Kim Cascia, Tom Walsh, Eric Wargotz

Sheriff - Gary Hofmann

Board of Education At-Large - Alexis Capes, Kent Laing

And the newly elected Republican Central Committee

Mike Arntz, Helen Bennett, Rick Bowers, Gene Legg, Patrick McLaughlin, John McQueeney, and Jody Schulz

Queen Anne's County Republican Central Committee Members

The members of the Queen Anne’s County Republican Central Committee are your friends and neighbors. They are elected in the Gubernatorial Primary election and take office following the Gubernatorial General Election. Their term of office is 4 years. The committee is composed of seven members – all must be residents of the County and registered Republicans.

The committee meets monthly at Fisherman’s Inn.

The Queen Anne’s County Republican Central Committee is the official representative of the Republican Party in the County and are members of the Maryland Republican Party and the National Republican Party. Their mission is to grow the Republican Party in our County through educating and informing voters on current issues, registering new voters, recruiting and training candidates to run for elected office, and helping to elect Republican candidates at all levels – local, State, and National.

Success in this mission requires many volunteers willing to give of their time and resources. If you would like to help, go to the volunteer page and complete the form.

Mike Arntz

Vice Chair:
Jody Schulz

Gene Legg

Rick Bowers

John McQueeney

Laurie Plemons

Patrick McLaughlin

The next meeting of the Queen Anne's County Republican Central Committee is Wednesday, October 12th at 6:00PM at the QACRCC Campaign HQ Office (100B Island Professional Park, Stevensville, MD)